If a picture is worth a million words, imagine how much more it’s worth when converted to rupees.

Why a good picture is important?
The reason a good picture is so important is because people are generally not very good at describing things they see. Quality product photography should be able to replace the customers five senses. Every retailer should be aimed to showcase their products to their fullest to potential customers.

Good photography adds authority, which in turn generates the trust of the customer.
Fact: You have less than three seconds to capture your customer’s attention.

What we need to do?
When you’re selling online, the photos do all of the work. People often quickly scroll through pictures to find what they want, so your photos must be compelling enough to make them stop and take a look. Sharp, clear, colourful and vibrant images work best. Fuzzy, dark or distorted images will make people lose faith in your product and refuse to buy from you.
While product descriptions are helpful in selling online, most buyers are attracted to photos. In fact, many will not read the description if there is no photo present. Sites like Amazon and eBay that depend on photo listings often have a list of photo guidelines that can be helpful for use in your small business.

We have experts to take care of all your products photography needs.

  • We have an eye for detail with the product as a focal point.
  • We have the right camera with a powerful lens for quality images.
  • We have the ability and experience to capture various angles of the product, so all its features are captured.
  • We have a good understanding of lighting for maximum impact.
  • We know when and what to edit in the picture.
  • We ensure that your images are the same size on your online store.

Here are few sample of our work.



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